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Tips for beginners Empty Tips for beginners

Post by AgentDuongkhi on Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:46 am

Hi all!
First of all, big thanks to NotoriousPug for making this website.

As we know and see in the chat, every new agent/beginners is crying for mozzy and virgo, and they offer things like minotaur and other low esper.
We know its not gonna happen cause everyone wants rare esper.

But dont be sad because you cant catch 5 star espers, there is a easier way to get them and that way is through trading.
High lvl Agent is loving to duel and showing of their best/highest hp duelers, such as Kit wrax Pongo and other.

So a tips for all beginners is dont waste time on looking for rare 5 stars espers. What you need to do is
1: spend time on is watching trades and champion chat and learn from the high lvl agents, dont be afraid of asking them cause most of them are humble and will answer your question in no time.
2: looking for low star duelers esper that got high potienial to get high hp such as Kit and wrax. Kit is the easiers one to find, You can find them after 7Pm in the first and second radar.

Im gonna write a guide of how to find the best potenial Kit, Check it out soon.


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Tips for beginners Empty Re: Tips for beginners

Post by Notorious P.U.G. on Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:53 am

Really good tips! I'd like to point out probably the most important part. To get 5* espers, train commons (such as Kit) until you get a high HP specimen. Then trade. It's really that simple!

Help me keep up to date!
Notorious P.U.G.
Notorious P.U.G.

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