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Strategy guide to Lennox and the underrated Apocolypse move

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Strategy guide to Lennox and the underrated Apocolypse move Empty Strategy guide to Lennox and the underrated Apocolypse move

Post by mccollio09 on Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:44 am

I have been meaning to write a guide on this little fella for ages, and admittedly, I was kinda keeping the true power of this esper under wraps as I was hoping to pick up a better one than my own at a cheap price... Experience is teaching me everytime I write a guide you guys always hike up the prices... anyway rant over!

As always, stats of my Lennox

HP 484*
ATK 156
ENR 178
SPD 201
DEF 145
RES 156
LCK 156
(Trinket stats included here - using a level 48 - 23 energy, 14 speed, +24% shadow damage) "Quick Sceptor of Shadows"

*This is very much a godly Lennox (at the time of writing, there are only 2 485 hp ones that exist higher than it) - growth rate is 9.2 so max prim is 488 like Kirin.

Always important to analyze with any esper its strengths and weaknesses. We can see we have a godly speed stat, and also a good enr stat. On the other hand, you'll notice horrible defence and the res isn't much better either. Take these strengths and weaknesses into account when you see my chosen move set:

Tailwind (+15 speed)
Fog (Reduces enemy accuracy by 15%)

This moveset covers all of Lennox's weakpoints. Apocolypse needs a special mention:

This is one of the most underrated ultimates in the game and with Lennox it is perfect. 75 damage on a 178 enr esper with 24% added damage AND a further 30 health drain hurts sure. But that's not all - the best part of this move is the three ep drain a turn, think about what that means. A player uses his ultimate vs you and they have no ep left. None. You have no longer any need to be concerned about you weak res. If they do ANY other move than their ultimate, and you have already used apoco, do your math, they lose the power to do their ultimate. Lastly, it also gives -30 res, also super useful for your follow up move.

General overview on Lennox:

Its almost the perfect starting esper, 201 speed can beat almost anything for speed so you know you are going to get your apocolypse off fine most of the time. From an attacking viewpoint, it can target almost any espers weakpoint too. Poor opponent res? use apoco (weaken the res) and follow up with spook to kill. Poor defence? Use terrorize, weaken their defence and follow up with an attack for a kill. Big opposition enr? Apoco drain it. Big opposition attack? Use downburst or squall to add even more speed to that 201 speed stat and don't forget that 15% dodge attack passive you already have.

What can Lennox beat?

Now this is the real reason why I took a good look at this esper. As I was adapting to the new update, there were literally 90% of all top duelers who used kit as their starter. Apoco in my setup can OHKO even the best kit without taking a hit. Problem solved. Other popular espers that you see in a duel that Lennox can quite easily take out: Kirin, Golem, Lonce, Wrax and almost anything that doesn't use a shield or has type advantage.

As for type advantage. You may catch a lot of people switching to Tianlong or Cancer vs you as soon as they see your Lennox. This isn't as much a concern as you would think and it's also a great synergy esper - apoco's effect regardless of the damage are enough to annoy any opponent as they lose all the benefit of the solar flare, just have an adequate switch ready! Example: Yesterday I dueled someone many consider to be a top 5 dueler.

They saw my Lennox and switched to Tianlong (a great counter choice) Tian got my Apoco. I switched to Cetus and it held up nicely to the solar flare shot due to soak. Tian now cannot use any more ep due to the apoco effects, I know he has to either switch or attack me. Feint killed it with the max double effect, Minimal damage to Cetus, NO damage to Lennox and the opponent has one dead esper.
Cetus went on to kill another 1 1/2 espers after that but that's off topic.

Counters to Lennox:
Not actually as many as you might think, Big attacks espers with Sniper scope are guaranteed to take it down.

Light espers


Wendigo with Sleight of hand to reverse the apoco effects (that can be just plain scary to beat afterwards)

Harpy with Hurricane* (note, if you have tornado, lennox can beat it with a few downbursts, making Lennox faster and therefore getting the turns off first)

But that's about it, it will handle well vs any other esper really


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